'Are we in a simulation?' is not the interesting question.

Elon Musk apparently got kicked out of a hot tub for talking about Simulation Theory..,

Unfairly, we  might add, as it seems like a logical  place to contemplate such things, looking up at the night sky, drink or joint in hand, serotonin firing synapses from the deep state of relaxation. Perhaps contemplating the subject induced anxiety in others. But, we want to start a different conversation on Sim Theory. We think (BWCBW) contemplating IF we are is not the interesting intellectual question. So what is? We can think of three.

IF we are in a simulation THEN:

1. HOW? How would someone build it? We are looking for contributions in this area. And how big is it? Why would there be billions of galaxies included in it?

2. WHY? We can only of think of two reasons, game or experiment. This is very interesting. If it is a game and one looks at REALITY ... It's a pretty sick, twisted lot of players that want to watch 5000 years of slavery, misogyny, genocide, rape and torture - yet alone lots of boring bits of millions and eventually billions of characters scratching out survival from subsistence farming or fishing. And 98% of that time was without electricity and therefore no internet, TV and phones. Which players like watching octogenarians decay to death for years in nursing homes? At the realist we lean toward experiment. We could be a "simularium" - elements and code including an AI are put into place and grow as they will - just like a terrarium - while being observed for "results."

'Yes. That could get you kicked out of a hot tub.'

3. WHO THE FUCK CODED IT? Sorry for the profanity. But it is Motherfucker of existential questions. Of course we may NOT be in a simulation. But IF we were... If "we" are not in BASE REALITY (as Elon Musk termed it) then we are in a Simulation and if so - who made it?  The scary part of this is we believe a majority of the worlds scientists are atheists - and for very logical reasons. But a simulation has to be built in some fasthion. And that builder would fit the definition of "God." Not in the a God as depicted in major religions - but God, our creator, none the less. That's truly frightening. Of course, that "God" could turn out to be an Ai created by a layer closer to base reality with us as an attempt at Ai from an AI. That's really quite disturbing. Yes. That could get you kicked out of a hot tub.

What does out brain trust think?

If you have interesting insights into simulation theory please contribute to this article which we will keep expanding.


* BWCBW (see glossary)