Our Privacy Policy is Real

And Reality is we have an economy of digital stalking.

TheRealist.us will:

  1. Never voluntarily disclose or share data about you.
  2. Never track your time or activity on our site.
  3. Keep only the minimal data required for you to be able to log-in if you subscribe and purchase a membership. (thank you for that)
  4. Never harass you for more money is you are kind enough to make a donation to help build this digital community.
  5. Never spam you about anything. We think our readers should keep coming back to the site due to its content - not marketing. Our current contact policy is we may email subscribers up to a maximum of 3 times per year if we have something actually important to update them about.

theRealist.us is currently hosted on Ghost.io servers. Their core software does handle the subscriptions. Their privacy policy can be found here: ghost privacy

Wordpress, Medium, Substack, Blogger and Ghost were the hosting/CMS systems we considered and we were most comfortable with Ghost's privacy policy.

We are truly committed to privacy. Read our about page. This site is meant to be a slice of how the internet used to be, before digital stalking and monetization of user data.