What is theRealist.us about?

The Reality is: We don't really know what this place is, yet, but we do know it won't have ads or firewalls...

We also know it is creepy to collect the "data" of fellow humans.

We want this place to be like the internet once was - full of students, academics and enthusiasts wanting to communicate - compare notes - wanting to get that rush of experiencing we are on a globe. Back then, it was not about getting a sign-up or a download or to sell stuff.

We do know this site - which we hope will become a community - is about Reality. Which, in reality, we know little about. Especially, the conscious side. The observer. Us.

Us, the cat killers into critical thinking and logic.

We respect the Scientific Method. Which means we are open to being wrong or changing our minds. We do not see things as just liberal or conservative; we see them as optimal or sub-optimal, accurate or inaccurate, high probability or low probability.

We are realists.