City 2.0

Bi-Terranean city concept - Traffic and pollution free

What if new cities were designed from scratch with modern technoligy and scientific knowledge?

At the Realist - we believe the structural design of cities has not really changed for 2600 years since the Cloaca Maxima transformed Rome. A fabulous accomplishment among all species on the planet.

But what have we done lately? Why do we keep adding on, endlessly, inefficiently, unproductively to existing cities?

Why do hundreds of millions of people, many educated and affluent, suffer "mind-numbing traffic" and breathe sub-opitmal air?

Why do hundreds of millions of people, many educated and affluent,  suffer "mind-numbing traffic"* - as Elon Musk describes driving in Los Angeles? Why do they suffer breathing sub-opitmal air?

This article-in-progress (AIP) will update with commentary, criticism and suggestions of interesting contributors. It will also introduce our open-source take on a solution:

City 2.0 - A bi-terranean city without traffic and minimal air-pollution. It will also propose a something radical,  but logical, using Capitalism not just government  to create them - Ergo, privately owned and managed cities. Does anyone find it tyrannical to stay in a nice hotel? A privately held, for-profit or non-profit city would be similar. If it is comfortable, safe, and pleasant to live in at a reasonable cost - people will fill it. If it is not - they won't.